Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Five items in one day

A while back one of our neighbors was giving away a run-down (yet still playable) ping pong table for free because they were moving. Being the overly eager ping pong fanatics that we are, we snatched it up without even pausing to consider that we had no room for it. As great as ping pong is, somehow going to all of the trouble to back the car out of the garage and unfold the (very) rickety table to play a low-ceiling game where the ball was constantly rolling out of the garage and into the street made us less motivated to use the table much. But, we are creative recyclers, and so last summer the table was taken apart and turned into a bicycle stand and beds for the children. There were some leftovers, though, which brings us to today's item:

The paddles came with the table, and now they have no use. It is time for them to make their journey to Land of Misfit Toys, aka the Deseret Industries.

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