Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Pants

If you read this blog, then like me, you may be thinking that my stuff reduction lately has been a little lacking in interesting stuff. Just have a look at today's item:

It's just a pair of pants. That's all. But don't give up hope! I have some really awesome and interesting things that I am going to be giving away soon. The problem is that a year is a really long time, and we are still in the first month. I can't get rid of all my interesting junk at the beginning of the year, or else even I would be bored with day after day of giving away old socks and empty Altoids tins. So I try to stagger it a little bit. Once I start delving into my boxes of electronics paraphernalia, however, even I don't know what kind of weird stuff will end up on here.

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