Sunday, January 1, 2012

Got Stuff? I Do.

I have a problem. Specifically, I have a problem with owning things. Whenever I look at my massive pile-o-possessions I think to myself, "Man I wish didn't have so much stuff."  So, to kick off the new year I thought that it would be fun to try getting rid of one of my possessions every day for an entire year. Every day I will post a picture of what I'm getting rid of, and hopefully by the end of the year I will have 365 fewer things in my possession. Here are the rules:

1. Things of very little value will either be recycled or thrown away, but it has to be something that I wouldn't have thrown out this year anyway.

2. Things of moderate value will be given away, usually to the local second-hand store unless I know someone personally who wants it.

3. If I choose to get rid of something more valuable, then I will probably sell it, but it doesn't count as being "gotten rid of" until it is actually sold.

So, with that out of the way, here is the first item:

It is a pair of hiking shoes that I have had for years that are too small for me. They are still in great shape, so I'm sure that the D.I. can get a sale out of them.

By the way, for the benefit of any family members that may read this, know that I have terrible memory for what is mine and what isn't. If you happen to see me get rid of something that doesn't actually belong to me, feel free to get in touch and we will make it right.

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  1. I love you idea Dustin. Your mom passed along your blog address to me and I thought I better check it out. I heard a quote years ago that has helped me get rid of things. The quote basically said something to the effect that if you hang onto things that other people can use, it is a sin! It has helped to so much to let go. Way to go!! Keep up the good work and I will check in on your progress now and then.