Friday, January 6, 2012

Likely the first book of many

It never really crossed my mind while I was serving as a missionary in Sweden, but thinking back, I acquired a rather large collection of books that were not on the approved missionary reading list. I didn't really read (much of) any of them, I just happen to be a compulsive book collector. I was also naturally curious about the beliefs of other religions. Generally the only people that are willing to talk to missionaries in Sweden are those that are already deeply religious (a small percentage of the population) and I found it useful to have a basic working knowledge of their doctrines.

So here we have my NWT Bible. I picked it up because it has an extensive reference section in the back which serves as an excellent primer to Jehovah's Witness doctrine. As for the translation itself, I don't really care for it. Did you know that the King James Version celebrated its 400th anniversary last year? BYUtv did a cool tribute.

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