Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Memories

Behold, the Gravis PC GamePad:

I believe that it was the 2nd PC that my family owned when I was a kid that came bundled with this controller, as well as a CD full of Shareware games. There were some great titles on the CD: Descent, One Must Fall, Hocus Pocus, Jazz Jackrabbit, Cyberia: Mission Norway... the nostalgia runs pretty deep. Unfortunately, I just don't have any use for this controller anymore. With a little effort I'm sure someone could re-purpose it into a controller that works on modern hardware, but that someone is not going to be me.

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  1. I had that same gamepad when I was a kid and thought that it was the coolest thing ever! I had pretty much all of the games you mentioned, but the game that I probably played the most with the gamepad was Commander Keen (IV).

    This gamepad also came with a small "joystick" that you could screw into the center of the d-pad to make it feel like an arcade console. Unfortunately, it only took about an hour of playing One Must Fall that way before the stick broke off with the threading still stuck down in the d-pad.

    The greatest part of all was that this (and other joysticks of the era) were plugged into the "game" port on your sound card. I had not thought about my old gravis gamepad for years until the other day when I saw a sound card that still had a "game" port!